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Why build a custom booth at an Exhibition ?

Why build a custom booth at an Exhibition ?

Ceilings are meant to hang fans … oh really !!!

Our ancestors built roofs on their heads to protect them from rain, dust and sun. The best they would use were bamboo sticks with hay or other olden day techniques.  These temporary structures would serve the basic needs of giving the house a shelter and protection from weather extremities – at least to a certain degree.


Subsequently we started building slabs wherein we had stronger roofs which also gave us a good ceiling over our heads. With the advent of ceiling fans- these ceilings were a perfect place to hang them. For several years the only purpose of ceilings (apart from a separation from the upper floor) was to hang fans ….. As children most of us saw ceilings only in white colour … and the only thing that was attached to it were fans and a few bulbs!!!


Do we see times changing? Of course – there is an increasing use of false ceilings. Not only do we see concealed lights in ceilings – which make them more effective when thrown from top- but we have seen an increasing trend of people creating various designs in their ceilings. While traditionally false ceiling is mostly white in colour, people are using a lot of woodwork in their ceilings. Those wanting to experiment are also using other materials including wallpaper in their ceilings.


How about experiencing sky while sleeping on your bed? From creating sky effect or using characters on your kids room ceiling to using laser cut designs to enhance the beauty of your ceiling, one can use different effects to highlight the ceiling.

Use of different types of lights – combination of ceiling down lights and indirect lights also play a wide role in changing the mood / atmosphere of the room. Lighting is a topic in itself and we shall discuss that in detail sometime else.


Next time you think of getting work done at your home or office – remember that the ceiling can do more than just hang the fan !!!


Mirror Mirror on the wall … Why do you hang on the wall ???

From using hand held mirrors to shave or putting bindi on the forehead – to having large full size mirrors in our dressing areas – the use of mirrors has increased multi-fold in our households. But hold on … are mirrors only used while dressing or grooming?


NO – is the emphatic answer. In today’s houses, where rooms compete with match boxes for size, an effective use of mirrors is a tool in every interior designer’s armoury. Using LARGE mirrors on wardrobes, in passages, in bathrooms and even in living areas can have several benefits.


The true property of a mirror is to reflect an object when light falls on it. It ensures that your vision is not blocked and makes you see more than is actually present. Remember how your barber’s shop looks bigger than it actually is. Well he seems to have mirrors all around – in front and sometimes on the back as well. Why do gyms often have mirrors all around? – To give you the feeling of being in a room bigger than in reality. The correct use of mirrors can make your homes look bigger and spacious – helps convert an area that might otherwise make you feel claustrophobic to give it a much cleaner and bigger look.


Of course one has to be careful while using mirrors as it can throw up different viewing angles and at times expose certain portion of the house. Incorrect use of mirrors can expose a bathroom or a bed from another room. So be careful !!!

Next time you think of getting work done at your home or office – make sure to effectively use mirrors as a tool to enhance the beauty of your abode.

Colours – We all like colors … Don’t we ?

There are colours all around us. The world around us is filled with colours – the blue sky or the green grass, the grey (or the dirty brown) roads, the black and yellow taxi, the clothes on people, the food we eat – everything around us is filled with colour.


Why then should our homes not have colours? Every element in your house can and should be colour co-ordinated. While there is certainly no right or wrong combination – as the beauty of the colour combination is something that should suit the resident – you can do well to try and ensure that there is some flow of colours and that they are matched well.


With colours – don’t just think of the Mera wala Pink or Mera wala Blue colour for the wall. There are today thousands of colour shades for the walls and you can surely pick one that you love. But one should not focus only on wall colors – after all a home doesn’t just have 4 walls and a ceiling.


A home is filled with various props –be it a sofa, flooring, drapes, bed, bedsheets, decorative items, showcases, wall hangings, lights, etc …. A deep thought into ensuring that the colours of each of these elements are well co-ordinated will ensure a well styled home.


While traditionally most people including interior designers preferred to use light colours as it gives the feeling of increased space – these days people are also exploring stronger colours in their houses – in the form of paints, wallpapers, laminates, veneers, drapes, etc.


So when you do plan a redo of your house or even a simple painting revamp - try to ensure a good colour combination throughout your house.


U7 Creation is a turnkey design and execution firm in interior designing specializing in homes and offices. Our projects include homes in the central suburbs of Mumbai – Bhandup, Mulund, Thane and office spaces on the western suburbs including Santacruz, Andheri. We plan effective use of mirrors, colors and customized ceilings in all our interior projects. To know more about work done by U7 Creation – continue exploring


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